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We know finding the time in your busy schedule to meet with a legal professional in Calgary can be challenging, which is why we offer extended office hours. This means we can work around your schedule and make sure you get the legal expertise you need. Our client’s interest and confidence in our service makes us work more! Especially when it comes to protecting your best interest.

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LawyerG is conveniently located to serve you better. Our office can be found at 320 16 ave nw, suite 105.

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Our client’s interest and confidence in our service makes us work more!

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If you’ve been in an accident there are a few important steps you should take:

  • Call the emergency room, if appropriate
  • Take the contact information about everyone involved, including the witnesses
  • If it is a motor vehicle accident, get the individual’s driver’s licence information, license plate and insurance information
  • Take pictures of anything and everything that was involved in the accident
  • Create a statement of whatever events took place, in as much detail as you can remember. Write down any injuries suffered by all parties involved
  • Contact LawyerG so they can take care of the rest
  1. Forward your real estate lawyer’s name (GURPREET AULAKH) and his contact information to your Realtor and ask for Conveyancing documents *1 sent to LawyerG’s office;
  2. Forward your real estate lawyer’s name (GURPREET AULAKH) and his contact information to your Mortgage Broker and ask for mortgage instructions *2 sent to LawyerG’s office;
  3. Upon receipt of Conveyancing and Mortgage Instructions, LawyerG’s team will be sending you a detailed email for further requirements and will call for an appointment.

Foot notes: *1 Conveyancing Documents: Contains Offer to Purchase Contract, copy of deposit, waiver, addendum or amendments if any)

*2 Mortgage Instructions: Generally, we receive these instructions describing mortgage product details directly from your bank or lender, which enable us to draft the right mortgage for your borrowings).

YES! The law does not say that a lawyer must write your will. You can write your will yourself,  fill in a blank form of a will that you can buy from a store, or download a blank form from the internet. There are also books and kits available about doing wills.

A will is an important legal document, so it is a good idea to get legal advice about making a will. If you feel that a family member or other person is pressuring you to leave money or property to them in your will, or If you are concerned that your spouse or someone who is dependent on you will not be able to manage their financial affairs, you can talk to Lawyer G about this.

Your will must be worded very carefully to make sure that what you want actually happens. A lawyer is able to help you by:

  • making sure your will is clear about what you want to happen to your property on your death
  • making sure your will meets all the legal requirements
  • telling you about a number of standard clauses that can be included in your will to provide for unforeseen events
  • telling you about options for dealing with things that may not have occurred to you
  • telling you about things you can do now to make dealing with your estate easier after you die
  • answering any questions you may have about the process of dealing with your estate
  • providing proof in the future that your will was made voluntarily, by your own free choice, and free of undue influence
  • providing proof in the future that you had testamentary capacity

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